The Ultimate Tea Diet

Tea, the ancient beverage of the Chinese discovered by emperor Shen Nung, 2737 BC, carried by Silk Road caravans to the West (618-907 AD), popularized in Europe by the Dutch East India Trading Company (1600's AD), and taxed by King George III to the dissent of the Bostonians (1773 AD), has become a billion dollar business. The Tea Association of the United States estimates that in 1990 the estimated wholesale value of the United States Tea Industry was $1.84 billion and had risen to $6.50 billion in 2006. In 2006 Americans drank over 50 billion servings of tea (2.25 billion gallons), 85% of the drinks were over ice, 83% of it black tea, 16% green, and the remainder oolong. The majority of regular consumers of tea reside in the South and the Northeast. Prepared in the home, a cup of tea costs around three cents per serving.j0424438.jpg

Mark Ukra, author of The Ultimate Tea Diet, has a familial history with tea. Dating back at least 200 years to Baghdad, his ancestors were wholesale distributors of tea from the Far East. His family relocated to the United States in 1950, and Mark--also known as "Dr. Tea"--has carried on the flame. When it comes to tea, he is an expert. 

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